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Alabama Industrial Service Co., Inc. located in Montgomery, AL,  provides industrial and commercial HVAC service and repair throughout  central and east Alabama.  AIS is an American Auto-Matrix / Teletrol DDC                                                                                                                      Control Systems Integrator.  We provide the complete DDC Control   package from installation, programming and maintenance.   AIS provides Indoor Air Quality Analysis using the Aircuity™ Optima™ Building Evaluation Systm..
Company Profile AIS has been providing service to industrial and commercial HVAC systems for over 35 years.  We have experienced technicians in all major refrigeration systems including centrifugal and reciprocating systems.  Our DDC Control division is an authorized American auto-Matrix / Cylon/Teletrol System Integrator.  We currently have the Cylon/Teletrol DDC system operational in educational buildings, churches, office complexes and government facilities. Founded by James T. Senn in 1982, AIS owners Bobby and Myra Mills, have committed to provide reliable service and installation with the customer’s priority in mind.  What began as Myra and her father operating out of his home in 1982, has grown and relocated twice through the years to provide expanded space for inventory and equipment. Bobby joined the company in 1984 and has been in the HVAC field since 1974. “We built our name around Service”....for over 35 years this has been our motto and pledge to our customers.  Changing with new technology, but dedicated to our value of service, that is what you will find with AIS.
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Celebrating 30  years
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