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Indoor Air Quality Analysis
    Temperature  *  Relative Humidity  *  Ozone Carbon dioxide  *  Carbon monxide  *  Radon     Particles (large)  *  Particles (small)  *  Mold        Total Volatile Organic Componds  TVOC
Whether it is checking IAQ in a new building to insure specifications or addressing complaints from those in a working environment A.I.S. can assist you with your indoor air quality analysis. Monitoring your building without disruption of your daily operations is achieved by using our Aircuitytm Optimtm Monitor.  We provide a 24 hour monitoring data sample collection per zone requested.  A.I.S. will also provide you with a detailed report of those results and recommendations for correcting the identified IAQ problems.  Also included is a report outlining recommendations for your HVAC system to improve your efficiency and overall system performance. In order to avoid any conflict  of interest, we do not provide cleaning services or repairs.  We are here to give you the results from an independent laboratory and assist in your IAQ analysis. One room or a complete office complex, we are here to help.  Give us a call today for a quote or further information.
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